New Showroom layout

After living with our showroom for just over a year now, we felt it was time to have a move about, re do shelving and also make an area for our new kitchen display. (did I mention that we paint kitchens and furniture?)

As is always the case when you are busy, the layout and look of your showroom sometimes gets over looked, but we think it’s important to keep moving things around because it keeps our staff on their toes and generally confuses them when they are trying to look for something which has always been “in that place”!!

We really want to make it more customer friendly and not too trade orientated, as can sometimes be the case. We have a lovely waiting area where our customers can sit and browse a magazine with a cup of tea or coffee whilst they are waiting for their paint to be mixed. It looks more like a mini sitting room.


Cosy, colourful and bright.

Cosy, colourful and bright.


We are currently in the process of putting a couple of new re-sprayed kitchen displays in, obviously pictures will be posted as soon as they are complete.


It’s been an interesting week. So far we have mixed paint for a mirror, boat, and¬†obviously cars, vans and motorcycles, but also for a couple of¬† pedal cycles. We have got some lovely dining room chairs to colourmatch in white, grey and blue. Blues and greys seem to be featuring quite heavily in interiors at the moment, and people are having their furniture sprayed to reflect this. Makes a change from shabby chic white!


Well we need to get some more work done around here, so that’s all for now, drop by again soon.


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