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Hello and Welcome

Posted October 24th, 2013 // by Auto Paintstore //

Well this is a first for us. Finally we are dragged kicking and screaming into the world of blogging. So hello and welcome to Auto Paintstore.

We are a small team based between two businesses in Lower Cherwell Street in Banbury. We run this business along side our sister business Banbury Bodyshop Services. We will be keeping you updated with projects that we do and new products that come along, and we will also be keeping you up to date with the events and travels of our company logo, currently called “Splodge” you will know why when you see it.

You will see that we are not just about car paint, (although we do sell a lot of it and we try to colour match as much as we can) but we paint furniture, fridges, cookers, display stands, simulators, kitchens, cake stands, well pretty much anything really! We will also be giving you step by step guides to use our products.

So thank you for reading our very first blog. We are looking forward to sharing much more information with you soon,


The Auto Paintstore Team.