Orange Pearl Paint on a Ninja!!

All to often in life, we rush around at top speed and  moan or complain when things go wrong, and very rarely congratulate people when things go right, so it was lovely to receive an email today from a happy customer congratulating us on a good job. It’s rewarding in two ways. One because the customer was pleased with our work, but secondly because he was thoughtful enough to send us an email with pictures, to show us how delighted he was.

Our brief was “I’d like a bright orange paint, but not a flat colour” The result was……..




orange ninja2

We love it when a plan comes together and we get a satisfied customer. Orange seems to be a popular colour again at the moment, and who’s not going to love an orange pearl…………

About us


We are an auto paint and Body shop supply store, supplying to the trade, and also to the general public.

At our partner business Banbury Body Shop, we are constantly being asked to supply various amounts of paint to our customers and so, due to public demand, we decided to expand on this opportunity and Auto Paintstore was born.

We offer a very special service as we don’t just sell the products that we stock; we also have first-hand experience of using them. We therefore have extensive knowledge of every product that we sell, and if necessary can even demonstrate how to use them, as we always have a paint specialist on hand to offer advice.

We have the ICI Nexa Autocolor paint mixing system in store, because it is a premium paint brand with the largest colour bank, and is also very competitively priced. There is no compromise on quality but great value for money. Again having used Nexa ourselves, we are able to advise you as to which additional products work best with Nexa, and what sort of finish you can expect to achieve by using it.

We offer a variety of sizes, from a small touch up pot, aerosol, to any quantity that you require, and if you bring a panel or colour sample to us, we will do our best to colour match it for you.

We also stock Maxmeyer and Lechler lacquers and hardeners, as (in our opinion) they give the best professional finish.

3M and U-Pol are also brands that we use ourselves and trust the quality enough to recommend to anyone.

We are not just about paint for cars, vans etc. You can use our paint for a variety of projects, from sprucing up your garden furniture, to painting fridges, washing machines, in a colour scheme to suit you instead of one to suit the manufacturers. The same could also apply to kitchen doors, or TV cabinets, or anything that needs a new lease of life.

It is now common place to recycle, so why not recycle your old furniture with a lovely new coat of paint. You can achieve the high gloss lacquered finish that costs so much in many furniture stores for a fraction of the cost. We can advise you which product will work best for your desired finish, and again a colour can be mixed to suit you. You can even buy the preparation materials from us to sand your furniture down!

Thank you for looking at our page and if you are in or around Banbury, pop along to see us. You will always be given a warm welcome and friendly advice, if not just give us a call, we are always happy to help!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us at Auto Paintstore.

Well it was a long slog 2013, but we managed to achieve many things including (finally) the launch of our new website. We have got so much planned for this year, I just hope we can fit it all in!! There are so many new products coming onto the market that we would like to sell, but as with all of our products we like to test them first ourselves to make sure they are fit for purpose and really can achieve the results that they are supposed to.

We will just share a sneaky preview with you……….. we will be selling specialist paints for plastics…… available in aerosols. More details to follow soon.


So here’s to a healthy and happy 2014, we know it’s going to be a busy one!


From us all at APS x



New Showroom layout

After living with our showroom for just over a year now, we felt it was time to have a move about, re do shelving and also make an area for our new kitchen display. (did I mention that we paint kitchens and furniture?)

As is always the case when you are busy, the layout and look of your showroom sometimes gets over looked, but we think it’s important to keep moving things around because it keeps our staff on their toes and generally confuses them when they are trying to look for something which has always been “in that place”!!

We really want to make it more customer friendly and not too trade orientated, as can sometimes be the case. We have a lovely waiting area where our customers can sit and browse a magazine with a cup of tea or coffee whilst they are waiting for their paint to be mixed. It looks more like a mini sitting room.


Cosy, colourful and bright.

Cosy, colourful and bright.


We are currently in the process of putting a couple of new re-sprayed kitchen displays in, obviously pictures will be posted as soon as they are complete.


It’s been an interesting week. So far we have mixed paint for a mirror, boat, and obviously cars, vans and motorcycles, but also for a couple of  pedal cycles. We have got some lovely dining room chairs to colourmatch in white, grey and blue. Blues and greys seem to be featuring quite heavily in interiors at the moment, and people are having their furniture sprayed to reflect this. Makes a change from shabby chic white!


Well we need to get some more work done around here, so that’s all for now, drop by again soon.


From all at AutoPaintstore

Hello and Welcome

Well this is a first for us. Finally we are dragged kicking and screaming into the world of blogging. So hello and welcome to Auto Paintstore.

We are a small team based between two businesses in Lower Cherwell Street in Banbury. We run this business along side our sister business Banbury Bodyshop Services. We will be keeping you updated with projects that we do and new products that come along, and we will also be keeping you up to date with the events and travels of our company logo, currently called “Splodge” you will know why when you see it.

You will see that we are not just about car paint, (although we do sell a lot of it and we try to colour match as much as we can) but we paint furniture, fridges, cookers, display stands, simulators, kitchens, cake stands, well pretty much anything really! We will also be giving you step by step guides to use our products.

So thank you for reading our very first blog. We are looking forward to sharing much more information with you soon,


The Auto Paintstore Team.

Hello from “splodge”

Hi my name is Splodge and I am a company logo for Auto Paintstore and Banbury Bodyshop Services.

You will see me travelling around the towns of Banbury, Brackley, Chipping Norton and some times even Bicester. I also get to travel out to the country to  surrounding villages, like Bloxham, Adderbury, Middle Aston, Deddington, Cropredy, Middleton Cheney etc. I may pass you in a blur, but if you see me please beep to say hello, as I always like to see new people.

I am also very lucky as I get to travel on rally cars that are owned by Pete Gwynne Swift Rally School, and I will be travelling around Scotland soon. If I get time, I will try to report back as much as I can, but sometimes I get quite tired trying to hang on to his cars all day!!

Also I get “papped” quite often for various publications so I will share my glamour shots with you. You can  see me most days in three locations in Banbury. I am on units 1&2 and Unit 4 in Lower Cherwell Street, and you can also see me on the side of Curly’s Jacket Potato van in Banbury Town Centre.

Next time you see me give me a toot,


Best wishes